I followed the advice of @katelockhart…


… and cooked myself a delicious flapjack with added chopped apricot (rehydrating the dried apricots by soaking them in warm tea) and with a drizzle of dark chocolate.  Well, I started off with a sophisticated-looking drizzle, before realising I still had tons of melted dark chocolate.  Being thrifty by nature, I went a bit free form.  It's yum.  Very reminiscent of the only cereal bar I ever positively *liked*, the Apricot Choc Chip Cluster bar (now a distant memory, and only surviving in reference on the internet here).

One thought on “I followed the advice of @katelockhart…

  1. looks v nice. good gratuitous use of tea in a recipe.

    not sure if it’s a cereal bar, but I highly recommend Cadbury’s Brunch Bar. seems to be an unloved part of their range, never seen it advertised. if they get taken over by Kraft, it’s sure to go in a restructuring.

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