Snowy Christmas

During the Christmas break, Dave, Mum and I decided to head up to Sherwood Forest; slightly shamefully, I've lived in Nottingham over seven years, and yet I've never been to the most famous tourist site in the area.  The weather cooperated and we had a really nice crunchy, snowy walk up to the Major Oak, and then a slightly haphazard walk around a small part of the forest.  My only main error was my failure to pack any sort of warm drinks which meant our stop for a snack was fairly brief as the sub-zero temperatures meant we cooled rapidly once we stopped walking.

The paths were busy and welltrodden but it did not take us long to branch off the main routes and get a bit of peace and quiet (even if the mapreading was atrocious).  The visitor centre was obviously open as the peace was broken by the war whoops of excited children careering through the forest with tiny bows and miniature sucker-tipped arrows.

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