A first taste of things to come

I've recently had my first taste of Canadian Olympic officiousness.  I say Canadian – I'm assuming the culprit was Canadian, although the Olympic uniform hides many nationalities.

I went to cross a road while the red hand was showing.  This is the symbol that tells me not to cross, in case I get run over.  As I stepped out, a woman in a fluorescent outfit and Olympic uniform bodychecked me and shepherded me safely back to the kerb.  I'd sympathise with this gesture (Olympic tourists need protection) were it not for the fact that the road I was attempting to cross is closed to traffic.  Along with the other slightly sheepish pedestrians, I waited patiently for non-existent cars, trucks and buses to pass, until the light changed and I could make good my escape.

I suspect my patience for Olympic tomfoolery such as this may be limited.

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