Perhaps I'm being unfair.

How about "British Columbians"?  "Vancouverites"?

Anyway – you guys!  If you have a sales tax that nearly everyone has to pay, on nearly everything, could you make an effort to show it somewhere on the price tag? Why not stop saying "$4.99!" when with tax it's going to cost me $5.21?  I can't be bothered to do the maths every time, and sure, I like the surprise element of not being entirely sure how much something is going to cost, but come on! We can work it out?

And while you're at it, could you walk a bit quicker? I know you're famously laidback, here in Lotusland, but I haven't quite lost my "walking everywhere at the maximum possible speed" habit, even uphill.

Oh.  And your doors open the wrong way.  Well, you try opening the door to the apartment block with your hands full – tricky, eh?  I guess you're loving the amusement of visitors like me continuously crashing into closed doors, assuming they open inwards. 

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