Where have I been all this time?

There's been a noticeable hiatus in my blogging over the last month.  Perhaps you were concerned that I'd fallen into a crevasse after my exploits ice-climbing? Or that Dave had finally managed to do me in after his attempt to flatten me on the ski slopes? In any case, we were back in the UK, doing a variety of things.

First of all we went to a wedding (this was the main reason we were back in Blighty):


Then we went on a massive tour of the country to see lots of people. This included a walk up Win Hill in Derbyshire with some of the Nottingham crowd:


And I also (with the talented and wonderful Warren Pearce) ran a course on 'Communicating Effectively' on behalf of the West Midlands Regional Observatory:


This picture's by Dave.  You can read a bit more about the day at the WMRO blog.

But now we're back in Canada.  Here's what we did on Monday:


This picture's by Dave too.

More soon!

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